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When is the last time your church has had a health checkup?  


We all could use revitalization in one or multiple areas of our church / association / personal lives.  The SCBO wishes to come alongside of pastors and churches to assist them back to health. We understand that the Holy Spirit revitalizes.  However, we believe there are tools to help us listen to the Holy Spirit a little greater.  Below are ways that we can assist along with links to the images presented.

Mark Jones - our Pastor and a Revitalization Consultant would love to hear your story and assist you on a journey to health.

Take some time to look over the page.  There are also free downloadable resources to assist your church.


CHURCH CONSULTING - A Healthier Church

Utilizing tools and through interviews, we work with churches on diagnosing the issues at hand and recommending the next steps necessary to health.

We evaluate what processes, relationships, values and vision you have in place.  We look at your location and your community.  We listen to you and the congregation to assess the real needs.  We work with you &  your leadership team to move in the right direction by providing recommendations over time. We believe in a custom "map" or journey approach to health and not simply a "menu" or diet of programs.

We are not church growth consultants, but church health consultants.  We believe this translates into effective biblical church growth.  We utilize an Acts 13 -14 template that will be customized over time to meet your needs and God's  desires for His Church.

PASTORAL COACHING - A Healthier Leader

Let’s face it.  Pastoring can be difficult.  Burnout is real.  We offer coaching to pastors in order to identify blind spots and areas where margin needs to be placed so rest can be acquired.

We believe discussion is good, but discovery is gold.  We want to help the leader to become effective in all areas of shepherding according to 1 Peter 5 by discovering weak and strong spots.

We also help pastors and leaders determine where God is leading them so that they can finish well in their journey.



ASSESSMENT & DEVELOPMENT - A Healthier Possibility

Do you believe God is calling you to be a replant or revitalization pastor?  Do you have a heart for the established church?

Let us help assess you and then mentor you to become biblically, relationally and emotionally prepared for the task of replanting / revitalizing.

We believe many are educated to preach and teach in an established church body, but few are equipped to pastor a church in decline wishing to revitalize.


One-size-fits-all solutions don’t exist for church revitalization and replanting. Each church and its context is unique. Yet, one component remains essential in every effort: spiritual renewal. Facilities, leadership, ministry, and a host of other issues may need to be addressed, but apart from a move of the Holy Spirit to renew the people of God through the power of the gospel, we have no hope.

Every church seeking to resound in fresh ways for God’s glory and the good of its community must begin by relying on the Lord to renew it spiritually and provide clarity for its future direction.

This guide has been developed by Missouri Baptist pastors and associational leaders for the sake of cultivating spiritual renewal and healthy churches. This 40-day journey provides six daily devotions per week (Monday-Saturday), and a weekly challenge to engage as you gather with your church.


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